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Jerry stood up so he could see. The boy had to squint in the darkness to see the open rose of Ricky's rectum and the thick hardness of his brother's cock. Paul spat into his hand and lubed up Ricky's ass, then slowly slid his cock head into the soft pink aperture. "Aw, God!" cried Ricky. "Aw, yeah ... oh, feels great ... yes, keep going." Paul slid his cock all the way in to the hilt. His ball sack bumped up against Ricky's. "Gonna fuck you now," he breathed. The two boys started their coupling, each pushing against the other. The only sounds were muted sighs of pleasure and the quiet rasping of flesh against flesh. Every few minutes, Paul's cock would pop out and he would have to reinsert it to the sound of Ricky's grateful moaning. Jerry just stood by and watched, fascinated, as his older brother fucked his best friend. The perverse configuration lasted much longer than it normally would have because both boys had cum just minutes earlier. Paul settled into a steady rhythm, savoring the sweet sensations on his shaft as he plunged in and out of Ricky's rectum. Ricky had his face buried in the couch pillows and was biting the fabric as he grunted and sighed with pleasure. Jerry played with himself and reached out to fondle Ricky's dangling penis a few times, but this caused Ricky to twitch and jump with overstimulation, so Jerry contented himself with rubbing his little hardon. "OK, Ricky, I'm gonna cum inside you," Paul whispered to his friend. "Yeah, Paul. Yeah, do it. Oh yeah, cum in me, yeah." Ricky gasped out encouraging words as he felt Paul's rhythm change. Paul's hands gripped Ricky's waist with orgasmic urgency as Paul flexed and throbbed inside of Ricky's hole. Then he was spurting, spurting, spurting into Ricky, running his nails down Ricky's back as he filled his friend with another load of hot cum.
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